Pilgrim's Drinks

Enjoy it the Pilgrim's Way

Our Journey

For 400 years, St Andrews was one of the main pilgrimage destinations in Medieval Europe. Rich and poor flocked to be near the bones of St Andrew, one of the 12 disciples. They followed their faith, in search of miracles, cures, forgiveness and adventure.

The ancient spring found at the home of Pilgrim’s Gin home on the Balmungo Estate was used by weary pilgrims arriving at St Andrews during these times. To honour this welcome act of liquid refreshment and to continue the journey, Pilgrim’s Gin was created.

Pilgrimage made a permanent mark on the landscape of Fife. Many of its roads, bridges and crossing points, were created hundreds of years ago to ease the way for the steady stream of pilgrims. Inns, chapels and alehouses were also built to offer the travellers a place to rest, refresh and receive medical help. Pilgrimage changed the face of Fife forever and earned it the nickname of the ‘Pilgrim Kingdom’.

Pilgrim's Drinks


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