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Pilgrim’s Symbols

What do they stand for?

We get a lot of questions about what the symbols on our iconic bottle represent; it is in fact, the story of how St Andrews, became St Andrews.





In 345 AD St Regulus went to sleep and had a premonition from an angel (angel symbol bottom of bottle and bottom left of original bottle). The angel said to him that the romans were going to desecrate the remains of St Andrew. (St Andrew on the cross is the Pilgrim’s Badge and fishing hook as he was patron saint of fisherman) He must gather the remains and sail North to the Ends of the Earth and where ever he lands; make that St Andrew’s final resting place.





So he woke in a panic; gathered his belongings, and a bottle of gin of course! And went to recover St Andrew’s remains. He took a tooth (the skull on the bottle) three fingers (the peace sign) and a knee cap and shin bone (these did not make the bottle). He sailed as far north as he could and landed in a place called Kilrymont which to this day is now called St Andrews.

Other symbols on the bottle are the botanicals (juniper and coriander bottom below fish hook, grapefruit top left and right and blackcurrant left and right of fishing hook)

Pilgrim's Drinks


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